XtraGrass – Tested to Perfection

A series of tests and trials have been conducted on XtraGrass at ISA-sport in the Netherlands, Labosport in France and STRI in the UK.

The most extensive trials have been conducted at STRI in the UK, parallel to the construction of the Coventry Ricoh Arena XtraGrass pitch.

Below is the complete list of all trials:

  • Tested at STRI (2004-2006)
  • ISA Sport, resulting in first accredited XtraGrass system in the Netherlands)
  • University of Tennessee (2013 ongoing)
  • City of Basel in conjunction with Dr. Baader (2014 ongoing)
  • Scottish Rugby Union – Murrayfield (2014 ongoing, specific rugby training trials)
  • Ongoing In-house testing for FIFA and IOG Performance Quality Standards
  • XtraGrass meets requirements set by the French football federation for natural grass, testing performed by Novarea.



Tested to Perfection

10 Steps – New Build Construction Program


7 Steps – Xtragrass Conversion


Summary of the conclusions

  1. The presence of the XtraGrass reinforcement, with or without polystyrene amendment in the root zone, does not significantly affect plant development.
  2. Results of measurements for ball bounce and ball roll behavior are linked to the results of measuring the hardness of the plots, in which all measurements fit within the prescribed standards. The addition of polystyrene amendments to the root zone of the XtraGrass system significantly reduces hardness of the surface, resulting in values well within the acceptable range for football.
  3. All trials with XtraGrass reinforcement had significantly higher traction values than the un-reinforced natural grass reference trials. The advantage of using XtraGrass reinforcement is evident in that even under high intensity wear it still has better traction than un-reinforced natural turf subjected to moderate wear.
  4. Rainwater infiltration rates for all treatments XtraGrass were very good.
  5. The results for hardness, ball bounce and grip behavior are similar to STRI measurements on stadium fields.
  6. XtraGrass even meets FIFA standards without the natural turf ingredient as shown in the table below.