About XtraGrass

XtraGrass combines the positive properties of natural grass with the strength of artificial turf into a superior playing surface. It is a system where the natural turf is reinforced with artificial turf fibers. A perfect combination between the playability of natural grass and the durability of synthetic turf.

The synthetic fibers partially absorb the pressure and wear on the natural grass blades, which makes it more resistant to wear then a standard field of natural grass. Areas with plucked grass belong to the past, as the structure of XtraGrass holds the turf in its place. The system consists of synthetic grass fibers woven on a solid surface, which can be placed directly on the ground of a default field. XtraGrass is carefully filled with a special blend for the root zone and is sown with grass seed.

After a few days the seed germinates and grows between the artificial turf fibers. This results in a surface of extremely strong natural grass that is resistant against slidings and tackles. While the grass grows the mat partially biodegrades, leaving space for the roots to grow through the mat, while maintaining a strong support structure for the turf pitch..


The ideal solution!


 The use of synthetic turf fibers provides stabilization of the top layer material, reduced playing damage, protection of the underground structure of the grass and evenness of the top layer, also in goal areas.

The advantages of XtraGrass

  • Increased playing capacity but still on natural turf
  • Excellent playing possibilities, even with bad weather
  • Protection of the underground parts of the grass plant and thus quick recovery
  • Excellent stability and water permeability
  • Extremely level playing field
  • Even in the winter period a visually green field
  • Even without natural grass component an XtraGrass pitch conforms to FIFA 1 star standard
  • XtraGrass turf, playable immediately after installation
  • Maintenance in accordance with natural grass maintenance without significant restrictions
  • And XtraGrass is 100% recyclable!

What do the turf experts say?

A series of tests and trials have been conducted on XtraGrass at ISA-sport in the Netherlands, Labosport in France and STRI in the UK. The most extensive trials have been conducted at STRI in the UK, parallel to the construction of the Coventry Ricoh Arena XtraGrass pitch. The system has been tested and accredited by:

  • ISA-sport in the Netherlands;
  • Labosport in France;
  • and STRI in the UK.

XtraGrass is already installed at a number of venues through UK and Europe, including recently installations at FC Copenhagen and at Princes Park, the unique, award winning, environmentally friendly stadium in Dartford, England.

Inspired by nature

The leaf of natural grass has provided the inspiration for the development of yarn with the patented V-shape fibre. Installation with V-shape fibre is optional.

This shape provides strength in structure, resilience and the aesthetic appeal of natural grass which provides excellent ball-roll behaviour. Besides the grass-like performance the turf also improves the quality of play by enabling slide and tackle manoeuvres without having to fear skin abrasion. The overall playability characteristics provide a first class finish for the sport and players alike.

The patented concept

The synthetic turf fibres are woven into a partially biodegradable backing, which creates a grid of large uniform voids through which plant roots grow and moisture and nutrients are able to flow. The open structure and the strong monofilaments fibres in the fabric will allow all standard maintenance procedures including verti-draining to be carried out.
To ensure that the yarns remain fixed during maintenance of the pitch XtraGrass™ integrated a hotmelt coating to guarantee a strong and long lasting binding of the yarns. The hotmelt system also provides an environmentally friendly system that is 100% recyclable also containing natural infill (sand), organic materials and a biodegradable thread.


GreenField’s and XtraGrass’staff can rely on years of experience in the design and construction of sports pitches worldwide. Through our local agencies our technical knowledge guarantees tailor made solutions for each project. Our experts are widely recognized by the sports governing bodies as expert in their fields and hence we have been contracted to advise some of the major governing bodies.

XtraGrass provides professional support

XtraGrass offers a selected network of partners across the globe., These partners understand how to provide turnkey solutions for your individual needs. Our personal approach ensures we provide the highest quality based on stringent standards adapted to local conditions, followed by a professional after sales support service.

Combining this with our specialised maintenance service GreenFields is committed in assisting you with a ‘one stop shop’ approach.