XtraGrass – Applications


Stadium Pitch Construction


It is widely known that in most larger stadiums the growing conditions for grass are reduced and hence the introduction of artificial growing lights have proved to be successful. In combination with XtraGrass the result of artificial growth light systems will be enhanced. Even when the goal areas show signs of wear and tear, the artificial grass fibre of the XtraGrass system will appear green for both the audience and the players.

Training facilities


Due to it’s high wear tolerance the XtraGrass system is extremely fit for use on training pitches for professional use as well as community use. Even when the natural grass component of the system disappears after 250 hours of use, the rootstructure and the fibre reinforcement guarantee a playing surface that meets international standards. The natural grass component will have to be regenerated in the summer break period in order to have a 100% grass cover at the start of each season.

High wear areas


XtraGrass is the ideal system to add strength to high wear areasas goal mouths, linesman runs, centre of the pitches and for example golf tee’s. The reinforcement can be added in the form of seeded or turfed  XtraGrass. The grass varieties used will ideally meet the specifications as for the the reminder of the pitch in order to blend in. The best time for the partial installation of XtraGrass is during the closed season maintenance but as turf it can be installed any time.

Partial installation at high wear areas


XtraGrass’ high wear tolerance in combination with excellent test results for player’s grip or traction make the product suitable for use in a stadium environment. In the UK the pitches at the Oxford Kassam Stadium and Coventry Ricoh Arena have been chosen for this purpose to guarantee a stable and level playing surface under dual use (football and rugby).