XtraGrass – The Construction

XtraGrass’ specialists have developed a typical pitch profile to ensure the pitch meets all requirements as optimum drainage, growing conditions and playing characteristics. Based on local conditions systems can be added such as undersoil heating systems, irrigation systems and subsurface aeration systems. The drainage system will be dimensioned based on local climate conditions and form an integral part of the pitch profile construction.

The growing medium or rootzone mix under and in the XtraGrass carpet is a blend of sand and a specific organic additive to XtraGrass’specifications. The rootzone blend in conjunction with the XtraGrass carpet guarantee the ideal combination for optimal growing conditions for grass, player’s stability and drainage. The rootzone mix is the key ingredient for the system and will have to meet the specification as set out in the graph below.

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New Build Construction Program – 10 Steps

XtraGrass Conversion – 7 Steps

Granular Size Distribution XtraGrass System












XtraGrass Big Roll Turf

To the client’s specification XtraGrass can be grown and supplied as big roll turf. The XtraGrass will be pre-installed at a turf farm, XtraGrass rootzone mix added and the grass grown for a minimum of 4 months. Each XtraGrass turf roll is cut 2,4m or 1,2m wide and 12-15m long. Special turf installation equipment will install the system at the project location. The pitch will be playable within days.


Maintenance – Equal to Natural Grass Field

Once installed, XtraGrass costs no more than a standard grass pitch to maintain. By comparison, some other turf reinforcement systems need an intensive maintenance and fertilisation regime, significantly increasing on-going input and labour costs.






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