The XtraGrass hybrid system combines the positive properties of natural grass with the strength and durability of artificial turf, providing an elite playing surface for sports. Plus, the patented weaving technique offers increased fibre bind, over standard tufting techniques.

The synthetic grass fibres:

  • are woven into a partially biodegradable backing, creating a closed backing for easy and qualitative installation, the rootzone mixture will not fall through, so no bumps in the pitch. The biodegradable yarns will be fully degraded within two months, creating a matrix of large uniform voids, through which plant roots grow, and moisture and nutrients flow.
  • absorb some of the pressure and wear that would normally occur on the natural grass, resulting in a more durable surface.
  • protect the natural grass, maintaining surface stability and reducing damage.

When a player stops, turns or accelerates, the synthetic fibres assist with traction and reinforcement, ultimately reducing divots and other damage to the surface.

With professional stadiums opting for XtraGrass, it proves to be an optimum playing surface, maintaining both structural stability and aesthetic impact during extreme (weather) conditions.

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